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Olympus Stylus 600 Review

Saturday Dec 31, 2005

The Olympus Stylus 600 receives a Dave’s Pick recommendation in this latest review of the Stylus 600.

The Olympus Stylus 600 features advanced performance and enhanced usability with the new Bright Capture Technology for improved low light photography and the inclusion of a premium size 2.5-inch LCD, as well as 26 snapping modes for versatility, a built-in Help Guide for on-the-fly instruction, and a 6.0-megapixel image sensor for high-resolution large format prints. The Stylus 600 delivers power, performance with an array of innovative technologies: Bright Capture Technology for low-light photography; a HyperCrystalâ„¢ LCD for high-contrast viewing; metal, all-weather construction for protection against the elements; manual exposure and aperture settings for creative control and versatility; as well as an 6.0-megapixel image sensor for stunningly high-resolution prints.

The Imaging Resource posted their Olympus Stylus 600 Review. They conclude-

“As the latest in that company’s “Stylus” line of compact digital cameras, the 6-Mp, 3x-zoom Olympus Stylus 600 Digital is to my mind one of the best Stylus Digital models to date. Its body design is trim and compact, with a button-based interface simpler than that found on earlier models. It offers the same water resistance that makes the rest of the Stylus line so practical for go-anywhere photography, and sports a big, beautiful 2.5-inch LCD monitor to view your photos on. While the LCD on the Stylus 600 does much better than average in bright sunlight, and offers a wider than average viewing angle, I do wish that Olympus had kept an optical viewfinder for low light snapping. That quibble aside, the Olympus Stylus 600 is a very capable, highly portable point & snap camera, with good image quality, a better than average lens, and a unique help system that won’t leave you stranded. Its point & snap simplicity and 24 preset Scene modes make it easy for even novice users to bring home great-looking photos. Another Dave’s Pick for Olympus!”

Olympus Stylus 600 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
Olympus Stylus 600 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

Olympus LI-12B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Select Stylus and C Series Digital Cameras
Olympus LI-10C/12C Battery Charger (Charges LI-10B & LI-12B Battery) for Select Stylus and C series Digital Cameras
Olympus D7AC 110V AC Adapter for Various Olympus Digital Cameras
Olympus Ultra Compact Accessory Kit for the C50 Zoom/Stylus 300/Stylus 400 (LI10BKIT)
Olympus Leather Case for C-50\C-60 and Stylus Digital Cameras
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Nikon D200 Review

Saturday Dec 31, 2005

Nikon’s new D200 digital SLR is ideal for those looking for a camera to bridge the gap between the professional and the entry level Digital SLRs. The D200 delivers professional quality pictures while offering exceptional versatility, creative responsiveness, accuracy, and full manual control. The D200 is the perfect camera for the semi-professional and freelancer who want an affordable SLR that integrates the right portion of diversity quality and reliability of Nikon’s professional high-end models. The D200 Kit includes the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED lens optically designed for use with Nikon digital SLR sensors.

I see have posted their Nikon D200 Digital Camera Review

The Nikon D200 delivers excellent 10 megapixel images, and it’s easy for the experienced photographer to operate. It’s an excellent step-up camera for photographers buying a second Nikon DSLR, or for experienced film users who are finally jumping to digital (do such people still exist?).

The D200 combines advances and refinements that Nikon fans had every reason to expect: higher resolution, lower noise, faster autofocus, and a more polished interface. If there is anything shocking about the D200, it’s the fact that nothing is shocking about it. With the D200, Nikon delivers a solid performer. Canon, in contrast, keeps on delivering surprising cameras – the 5D has a full-frame sensor for less money than people expected. The 1D Mark II n cranks out 8.5 frames per second (and does it at 8 megapixels for a faster burst rate at twice the file size of the Nikon D2Hs), and the 1Ds Mark II brought photographers 16.7 megapixels at under $8,000.

In short, Nikon has delivered an excellent camera, but has still left the headlines to Canon.

They also have a good section about who this camera suits, and I agree with them.

Who It’s For
Point-and-Snapers – The Nikon D200 is not a point-and-snap, even among DSLRs. If point-and-snapers want to swap lenses, they ought to look at the Nikon D50, the Canon Rebel XT, or the Pentax *ist DL. With those, they’ll get scene modes and spend almost $1000 less.

Budget Consumers – The D200 is a step-up camera, better and more expensive than entry level DSLRs. For users who want to keep their outlay down, it’s not a likely choice, unless they have to get 10 megapixels. A budget buyer would do better to buy less resolution and better lenses.

Gadget Freaks – Paired with the 18-200mm VR zoom lens that Nikon announced with it, the D200 is a bona fide gadget. It’s not a barrier-breaking, full-frame Canon EOS 5D, but its little sack of nifty features – separate highlight warnings for each color channel, switchable JPEG optimization, the option of compositing RAW files in-camera, for goodness’ sake – should compensate for the emptiness in any gadget freak’s weary existence.

Manual Control Freaks – The Nikon D200 has excellent manual controls. They’re complete and efficient to use. The D200 even offers useful ways of manually influencing its automated controls, so the manual control freak is likely to be soothed by the D200.

Pros / Serious Hobbyists – The Nikon D200 is aimed right at this market segment. Good controls, good performance, a solid camera, but not too big, and much cheaper than the top end models.

I kind of fit in as the Gadget Freak ;) I currently own a Nikon D70 and don’t think I’ll be parting with it for a very long time.

NIKON D200 10.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Set
NIKON D200 10.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Set

Introducing the Samsung Digimax S500

Friday Dec 30, 2005

Samsung is said to have released the Digimax S500, a 5 megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom and a spacious 2.4 inch LCD monitor, according to an article at, complete with specs.

As with all recent Samsung digital cameras, the S500 features Auto Macro, to take close-up pictures automatically even if close-up mode is not set and high-speed USB 2.0 transfer rate to computers and printers at 480 Mbps. Movie clips can be recorded at 30 frames per second and 640 X 480 VGA resolution with sound.

Samsung Digimax S500
Samsung Digimax S500

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